Holiday Assignment for Junior Secondary School Classes I, II & III

As a law abiding and socially responsible educational institution, we have complied with the school closure of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Ogun State.

So as not to disrupt the academic activities of the school too much, we have adopted an ICT based approach to ensure learning continues in this lockdown.

Parents are implored to ensure that these activities are taken seriously and followed closely by pupils and students to ensure that desired output is achieved.


  1. Parents are encouraged to download the holiday assignment for their child’s class.
  2. All pupils and students are expected to dedicate and label a new exercise book for this purpose.
  3. The 100 questions in the Mathematics section of this assignment MUST be answered with ALL WORKINGS shown. YOU MUST SHOW WORKINGS FOR ALL ANSWERS YOU CHOOSE.
  4. Pupils and students are expected to attempt all the exercise in their holiday pack.
  5. This assignment is due to be completed within a week as a new assignment will be posted every week.
  6. All pupils and students are expected to present their dully completed assignment book upon resumption.

JSS 1 – JSS3

Click here to download Assignment for JSS SECTIONS

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